We are builders

We design and build best-of-breed, data-centric architectures using AWS cloud-native services that deliver secure,
low-cost, scalable solutions that turn data into insight.

At the backend, we leverage a growing range of AWS services including :
Redshift, S3, Glue, Kinesis, Lambda, DynamoDB, EMR,
MSK(Kafka), MWAA(Airflow), Neptune, Athena, Lake Formation, SageMaker,
AI Services (Comprehend, Forecast, Lex, Personalize, Polly, Rekognition, Textract, Translate, Transcribe),
EventBridge, AppFlow, Transfer Family, CDK
and IoT Services (Analytics, SiteWise, Events, Things Graph).
At the frontend, we leverage visualisation solutions like Amazon QuickSight, Salesforce Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, ThoughtSpot, Qlik and Grafana.


The Data Foundry (TDF) is a Public Sector partner that prides itself on being a “one stop data shop”. We design, build and manage all aspects of a customer’s data pipeline from data onboarding through to data lake and then finally data analytics, data visualisation and data science models. Our focus is on Australian public sector customers and we have delivered successful projects for state government departments and universities, where we help our customers to turn data into insight. We use purpose-built cloud-native services like DynamoDB for high availability, performance and scalability.

We are open, transparent and customer-obsessed in all our engagements.
Our “One Team” approach means that we become part of your team and you become part of ours.
  • Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, Lake Houses, and Data Meshes
  • Data Migrations
  • BI and Visualisation
  • Real-time, streaming & batch pipelines
  • Serverless or traditional ETL
  • IoT data integration, consumption & insights
  • Data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence solutions
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Domains
  • Data Governance
  • Data Classification
  • Data Security
  • Use Case Generation & Ideation
  • AWS Service Guidance
  • Architecture Ideation
  • Data Lake Design & Build
  • AWS Data Lab Co-design Workshops
  • Data Classification
  • Data Governance
  • Data Domains
  • Data Security best practices
  • AWS Services for data, data science, AI, ML and IoT
  • Bespoke training, tuned to each customer, for the specific solutions and services we craft for them