We get data. It’s all we do.

We help transform your organisation by designing solutions and services that turn your data into insights then we teach you how to manage and adapt the solutions we build, before we leave

We provide solutions, services and training in the data strategy, data governance, data management, data wrangling, data analytics, data visualisation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT areas

We build on AWS, using the latest services, best practices and reference architectures

We focus on Public Sector customers – federal & state government departments, universities, large public sector agencies, public health organisations and large utilities

We are a registered AWS partner, working towards both our Data & Analytics and Government competencies and have a Master Services Agreement in place with AWS Professional Services

If you consider your organisation to be data-rich but insight-poor, contact us now to discuss how we can have you up and fishing in your new Data Lake in under 30 days.

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