We spent a lot of time gathering our own data before we launched this business.

We had an idea that most organisations had lots of data and very few had discovered the secret sauce for turning their data into insight but we wanted to test our hypothesis.

So we had lots of conversations with lots of people (from both the business and technology side of organisations) that usually started with a simple prompt like “The problem with data is …”

We were blown away by what people said and how many of them said very similar things.

Things like…

“All our data is locked up in various business siloes…”

“No one shares data in our organisation…”

“Our data is special…”

“The person who created that particular dataset doesn’t work here anymore…”

“We’re not too sure about the quality of some of our data…”

“No one understands our data like we do…”

“I have lots of data but no insight…”

“We have lots of dashboards but most of them don’t work anymore…”

“I’m not sure all my data is secure…”

“I want someone who listens to me before they tell me what my data solution should be…”

“There are lots of technology companies out there but there aren’t a lot of data specialists amongst them…”

“We’d like more of our decision making to be based on data…”

“We know we need to make a start, we just have no idea where and how to do it…”

Since then, we have delivered hundreds of projects for customers just like you.

We take them on a journey

from data to insight

at the speed of cloud

and while every path is different

the destination is always the same



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