D2E encompasses a use case based framework which helps customers make the transition to an insights driven DATA CULTURE.

Using AWS’s proven ‘working backwards’ methodology, the D2E framework:

Engages business and technology leadership to create a compelling vision

Creates a product ready, high velocity engagement for your most challenging use case

Builds experience across your business and technology teams

Delivers an organisation wide readiness assessment

Starts with a minimal viable product (MVP) project

Scales with a 6 to 9 months roadmap of priority DATA DRIVEN PROJECTS.

Based on the concept of a data flywheel, the D2E program allows your organisation to:

Think Big, Start Small, and Scale Fast

Motion Picture

The D2E framework consists of 4 modular workshops that offer multiple entry points for engagement based on the stage your organisation’s journey:


Aligns senior business and technology leaders on culture, business priorities, and financial drivers for the strategy

People and Process

Builds the right organisation and process model to support a modern data strategy


Creates a technology foundation that scales with the business objectives.


Enables your organisation to create a Think Big vision for data, accelerating value and building experience with a high priority business use case to turn the data flywheel.

But no matter where you start:

Securing and governing your data from end-to-end

Easily connecting all your data

Innovating with the right tools for the job

Visualising and predicting what happens next

We can guide you through all the steps to becoming a


Let us show you how you can:

Better understand what “great” looks like

Identify and prioritise use cases

Create executive sponsorship

Build a solid business case

Engender a data driven culture

Identify and fill gaps in skills and technologies

Ensure data privacy, security, compliance and governance

Transform your data into insight at the speed of cloud.

The first step towards becoming a data driven organisation is to contact Brad Coughlan at brad.coughlan@thedatafoundry.com.au