At The Data Foundry…

We use our data, analytics, AI/ML and IoT powers for good i.e. we don’t take on work where it’s clear that the outputs of what we’re building are to be used for purposes that we believe to be unethical

We use the Australian Government’s AI Ethics Principles to guide our AI work

We provide new graduates with amazing opportunities – to apply their newfound skills, to turn their theory into practice and to learn from some of the best in the industry

We also provide experienced industry professionals with an opportunity to pivot their careers and transition from the enterprise world to the “smartup” world, where they can transfer their valuable skills to our team and our customers, as well as learn new ones

We are building a company where employees can grow and thrive, both personally and professionally

We hire for diversity of thought

We are unashamedly customer-obsessed, always putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, considering things from their perspective, then determining the best course of action for all concerned

We want to develop a sustainable company that plays its part in being environmentally-responsible

We truly believe that our success revolves around focusing on customers, career, community, cause and climate change